Discover the joys of healthy, delicious eating with Soup Station. Order between 11 am to 9 pm.

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Each flask order serves 2 portions. Prices are inclusive of packaging charges & taxes.
Ordering available between 11am. to 9pm.

Broccoli Almond Soup

Rs. 120.00/-

Dal Palak Shorba

Rs. 120.00/-

Mushroom Leek Soup

Rs. 120.00/-

Roasted Corn & Spinach  soup

Rs. 120.00/-

Murgh Simlamirch Shorba

Rs. 120.00/-

Afghani Mutton Shorba

Rs. 120.00/-


Soups from Soup Station encompass simple, clean, healthy eating that is delicious at the same time. Enjoy a cup of mind, body and soul cleansing soup.


Soups from Soup Station are made from 100% natural ingredients and contain no MSG.


No artificial substances, colours or preservatives are used in Soup Station’s ‘soup’-er healthy soups.


Our soups are made fresh everyday using only the best and freshest ingredients from the market.

Healthy Deliciousness in a Cup

Start your day with a cup of tasty, healthy, detoxifying soup and other soup accompaniments. Our main philosophy is healthy soups for healthy living.

Soup Station brings to its customers fast, affordable, easy-to-eat, ‘soup-er’ tasty, and most importantly, healthy soups in a wide variety of flavours to satisfy the palate, strengthen the body and comfort the soul.

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Customer Reviews

Soup Station’s soups are light, healthy and totally delicious! You feel so great about yourself after a hot, tasty cup of their comforting soup, available in a variety of yummy veg and non-veg flavours to take your pick from. I’ve never loved healthy eating more thanks to Soup Station’s lip-smacking soups.


Software Engineer

I absolutely love the variety of flavours of soups that Soup Station offers. Moreover, the handy, portable cups and soup flasks are perfect for enjoying a hot, healthy cup of my favourite soup, on the go, whether it’s during my lunch break at work or on the way home after a long, tiring day at the office.



The soups I’ve tried here are amazingly light and so tasty at the same time. You feel so good that you’re eating something’s that’s so healthy yet tastes so great too. Soup Station has taught me that clean and healthy eating can be tasty and fun.


Software Engineer